Should You Join Planet Fitness?

By Melissa Brandon  |  March 2, 2020

“New Years Resolution” season is here! Getting in shape or losing weight is a goal many people share and there is generally a big push for people to join gyms. There are many promotions from various companies to get you to join their gym. Planet Fitness offers incredible deals, as low as $10 per month! But even with that low price, is it worth the investment?

Planet Fitness brands itself as the  “no judgement zone” gym.  I know that gym phobia is real, but it seldom has to do with the other people at the gym. It has more to do with a person feeling self conscious and worried about what others are thinking about them. When the truth is, everyone at the gym is only thinking about themselves and they certainly aren’t judging the new people at the gym. You can learn so much from watching experienced people work out. And, for the most part, they are willing to help others and answer any questions about lifting weights. Why you wouldn’t want “these types of people” in your gym is beyond me, but I digress!

I don’t think you should join a gym in January as part of a resolution, no matter how attractive the offer is to sign up. If you join a gym based on the momentum of a resolution, I don’t think that is solid ground on which to build. I think you will go for a few weeks, run out of steam and then stop going. I know I sound cynical, but this is based on my experience. And, according to Strava, a social network for athletes, most resolutions fall by the wayside before the calendar switches to February! 

I absolutely love the gym! I’ve been a member of many gyms and I always use them. I go to them so much I get to know the people who work at those gyms, and I meet the people who use them consistently too. This does create a sense of community and I like that. Loneliness is a terrible affliction in our society. If you can make a new acquaintance or friend at the gym, then this is a great reason to join. 

A gym is only going to be valuable to you if you use it! I would recommend joining a gym if you are going to go there a minimum of 3 times per week. Your workouts need to be planned, don’t wing it. 

If you are making a resolution to get healthier and exercise more, I want to congratulate you! That is a great intention. However, I want you to really determine the amount of commitment you are willing to make. Be very clear about how seriously you want to achieve this goal. It is a super important initiative, about the most serious decision you can make for yourself. I don’t want to discourage you, but keep in mind that you may not stick with the resolution. And if that happens, don’t be dismayed! Try again and maybe take a slower approach by changing habits you have that don’t support this goal one at a time. I would recommend making lifestyle changes in January. Slowly omit “bad” habits and add “good” habits. Keep doing this until they are incorporated into your life. Then, in May, consider joining the gym, maybe even Planet Fitness (does that sound judgey?) It is a solid beginner gym and you can stay there until you learn all the basics. If you find yourself consistently using this gym for a year, you can consider moving on. Ultimately, a gym is what you make of it. 


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