A Personal Trainer Can Help Your Business

By Melissa Brandon  |  March 2, 2020

If you are a business owner, or are keen to climb the corporate ladder, you may not recognize that YOU are the most important asset you have. There is a lot depending on you. Are you operating at your best? Are you fatigued, lack energy, stressed, overweight, have back pain or are frequently sick and spending too much time at doctor appointments? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, my guess is that you aren’t taking care of yourself. If you don’t prioritize exercise, eating real food and getting proper sleep, it is time to have an evaluation with yourself. These conditions are not going to right themselves and they are not going to improve. They may even get worse.

I bet you don’t think twice about investing in your business needs. You hire lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, consultants…these are easy decisions for you. But what about investing in you? Are you quick to hire the support you need to help you function at your best? Have you considered hiring a personal trainer to help with your most important business asset? Following are a number of ways a personal trainer can help you, which in turn helps your business: 

  1. A fitness professional can come to your home or work which will save you time. These appointments are scheduled around your schedule.
  2. Your workout is more efficient and you accomplish much more. You will become stronger and more energetic.
  3. Scheduling time for exercise will help you stay consistent and keep you from skipping workouts. You won’t look at these appointments as taking time away from something else.
  4. Your mind can take a break. Since you are not in charge during the workouts, your brain can relax. Exercise is an amazing stress reducer.
  5. You will be healthier and will not need to take time away from work to go to the doctor or worry about prescription renewals, etc.
  6. A personal trainer can help you come up with practical eating plans that work with your lifestyle.

If you are neglecting your physical health right now, all the efforts you are putting into your business will be repaid later in life by a retirement spent at doctor appointments, not one of vacations and golf. That may sound bleak, but facts are facts. If you are overweight and inactive, you are much more likely to develop at least one chronic disease, if not more.

Committing to good health by exercising and eating well can become the foundation on which your personal and business successes are built. Partnering with a personal trainer now can be a decision that pays dividends for years to come!

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